winter fuel payments

A winter of discontent

A tough winter ahead for the elderly The Tories have announced changes to the Winter Fuel Payment meaning some pensioners in the UK will no longer receive it. To make matters worse, there are no details of how this will work, just the headline announcement. According to figures from the Department for Work and Pensions 22,000 pensioners in Crewe and Nantwich claim the Winter Fuel Payment, just unser 30% of the people in the constituency. Thanks to this Tory announcement, roughly 1 in 3 pensioners face going to the ballot box not knowing what the future holds for them, money that

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Fox hunting

Tory priorities, let’s debate fox hunting.

Fox hunting should never be legalised again For lots of people in this country paying the bills and feeding your children is the number one day to day concern, fox hunting isn’t even a consideration. For the Tory government, you would think Brexit would be at the top of the list, apparently, there are other things that need to be discussed. Today, Theresa May has decided that fox hunting needs to be debated, she even went as far to say she is in favour of it. For anyone not aware of what fox hunting is, it is where a pack of

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Tories Phillip Hammond

The Tories pave the way for a two tier education system

Today the Tories have paved the way for a two tier education system, creating another barrier to a good education for those who are already disadvantaged. The day before the Budget, the Tories have published plans to fund Grammar Schools to the tune of £320 million.   At the same time they will slash the overall education budget by £3 billion. This is grossly unfair on the majority of school children in this country, they are going to bear the brunt of these hideous Tory cuts. Yet again, as with most Tory plans, ideology comes before doing what is best for people, whether

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children protesting against the education budget cuts

We should be investing in education, not cutting funding

At a time when we should be investing in our children the Tories are going to slash the education budget by £3 billion.  This is damaging to our children, their future and the future prosperity of the country. Not so long ago the Tory mantra was a “High skill, high wage economy”, how do you deliver that while taking money out of the education system? Just as the Tories do, they will expect our teachers and schools to deliver ever better results but at the same time take away the resources they need to do it, it simply doesn’t add up.

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