Barry Bennell

Did Manchester City cover up Barry Bennell’s offending?

Crewe Alexandra were not aware of Bennell’s offending. This week Barry Bennell has been convicted of a string of horrific sexual offences against young boys. These offences took place over several years at his home and at several football clubs. When the story first broke attention focused on our football club, Crewe Alexandra, as it panned out other clubs would find themselves implicated in a far great way than Crewe. Many fans were angry at the way our club was been singled out given there have been allegations of his offending at other clubs. Fans didn’t want special treatment for

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Selective reporting from the BBC and the Guardian?

We are all aware of how the media is reporting the sexual abuse in football scandal, while this makes unpleasant reading for any football fan, it is particularly upsetting for those whos club has been implicated in these horrific allegations. For fans like me, a Crewe Alexandra supporter, the claims are distressing, we stood on the terraces watching some of the victims living out our dreams, none of us had any idea of what was to come in the future. Myself and other fans want the truth to be revealed, we want no stone unturned, we want all the offenders in these

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