Hamilton Smith

Hamilton Smith, some questions to answer.

Hamilton Smith, no evidence to corroborate his claims One of the key figures in the recent football child sexual abuse scandal is Hamilton Smith, a former director of Crewe Alexandra who made very public claims that he told officials at Crewe Alexandra that Barry Bennell was abusing children. To this day, no evidence has been uncovered to support Smith’s claims.  Three police investigations have found that Crewe Alexandra, John Bowler and Dario Gradi, (two of the people Smith has named in his claims) had no knowledge of the despicable crimes Bennell carried out. Crewe Alexandra statement On Friday 3rd March,

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Questions to answer, but not only for Crewe Alexandra.

Before I go any further, let me make it clear, Crewe Alexandra do have questions to answer, but more importantly, so do many others within the football community. Barry Bennell is an evil man, preying on the dreams that many football fans reading this will have had, that dream was to be a professional footballer. He abused that dream we have all shared and committed the most heinous of crimes, robbing children and adults of their dreams and careers in the process. Our fans are proud of our club, proud of its achievements and proud of the men that were

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