letter from edward timpson

Edward can’t have his cake and eat it

Cuts or no cuts Edward? In little over a month Crewe and Nantwich MP, Edward Timpson appears to have contradicted himself with regards to the proposed Tory education cuts. Take a look at the following quotes. Edward Timpson April 11th 2017 Firstly, I wish to allay your fears: there are no budget cuts. That quote is from a letter he sent to my daughter back in April. Edward Timpson, 15th May 2017 Over the course of this consultation I’ve listened to a wide variety of views on school funding. It became clear to me at an early stage that it needed

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Edward Timpson fails to meet parents and teachers

Where is Edward Timpson?

Has anyone seen Edward? Edward Timpson, the MP for Crewe and Nantwich was yet again conspicuous by his absence this weekend. Mr Timpson was invited to attend a public meeting on Friday night, he declined the invitation citing a prior engagement. This is not the first time Timpson has failed to meet with the public, he was invited to a demonstration in Nantwich earlier in the month but again could not make it. This morning hundreds of parents and teachers gathered in Sandbach to continue their fight against the budget cuts, yet again Timpson was not there. Timpson can’t comment According to Conservative MP Antoinette Sandbach, Timpson

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Tories Phillip Hammond

The Tories pave the way for a two tier education system

Today the Tories have paved the way for a two tier education system, creating another barrier to a good education for those who are already disadvantaged. The day before the Budget, the Tories have published plans to fund Grammar Schools to the tune of £320 million.   At the same time they will slash the overall education budget by £3 billion. This is grossly unfair on the majority of school children in this country, they are going to bear the brunt of these hideous Tory cuts. Yet again, as with most Tory plans, ideology comes before doing what is best for people, whether

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Edward Timpson claim there were no education cuts

It’s time for Timpson to stand up for his constituents

Parents in Crewe and Nantwich are calling on local MP Edward Timpson to do more to fight the proposed introduction of the national funding formula, a one size fits all approach to school funding. The education budget is facing the prospect of having its funding cut by £3 billion, schools in the area will lose huge sums of money, if the plans go through some will lose close to £150,000 per year. Brine Leas Headteacher, Andrew Cliffe said; It’s important we show MPs and make a noise, to make a difference.   We’re already facing an 8% cut in real terms. My school will

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children protesting against the education budget cuts

We should be investing in education, not cutting funding

At a time when we should be investing in our children the Tories are going to slash the education budget by £3 billion.  This is damaging to our children, their future and the future prosperity of the country. Not so long ago the Tory mantra was a “High skill, high wage economy”, how do you deliver that while taking money out of the education system? Just as the Tories do, they will expect our teachers and schools to deliver ever better results but at the same time take away the resources they need to do it, it simply doesn’t add up.

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