A local by-election is a metaphor for everything that is wrong with the Tories.

The Tories are a party in disarray. The Tories are fighting a by-election today in Crewe, sadly it is an example of everything that is wrong with the Conservatives. In June Labour won back the Crewe and Nantwich Constituency from the Tories, this was a huge effort organised and led by local grassroots members, their efforts put in place the foundation for victory. Everything that is wrong with the Tories was highlighted that night. The polls had closed and members of the Crewe and Nantwich Labour Party all gathered with MP to be Laura Smith, a team united by a

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Edward Timpson

Does the general election explain why Timpson changed his mind?

A bold claim but was it true Edward Timpson made a claim that “there are no budget cuts”, it is a bold claim, one that many people in Crewe and Nantwich see simply as untrue or disingenuous. Firstly, I wish to allay your fears: there are no budget cuts. Back in April Edward Timpson wrote that in a letter to my daughter, keep that in mind when you read the rest of this, “there are no budget cuts”. Since the general election has been called Timpson has been all over the local press saying he has been fighting hard against

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winter fuel payments

A winter of discontent

A tough winter ahead for the elderly The Tories have announced changes to the Winter Fuel Payment meaning some pensioners in the UK will no longer receive it. To make matters worse, there are no details of how this will work, just the headline announcement. According to figures from the Department for Work and Pensions 22,000 pensioners in Crewe and Nantwich claim the Winter Fuel Payment, just unser 30% of the people in the constituency. Thanks to this Tory announcement, roughly 1 in 3 pensioners face going to the ballot box not knowing what the future holds for them, money that

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letter from edward timpson

Edward can’t have his cake and eat it

Cuts or no cuts Edward? In little over a month Crewe and Nantwich MP, Edward Timpson appears to have contradicted himself with regards to the proposed Tory education cuts. Take a look at the following quotes. Edward Timpson April 11th 2017 Firstly, I wish to allay your fears: there are no budget cuts. That quote is from a letter he sent to my daughter back in April. Edward Timpson, 15th May 2017 Over the course of this consultation I’ve listened to a wide variety of views on school funding. It became clear to me at an early stage that it needed

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Edward Timpson claim there were no education cuts

The cameras were out, so was Edward Timpson

Lights, camera, action! Earlier today Crewe and Nantwich MP Edward Timpson took part in yet another photo opportunity in Nantwich. Under the guise of meeting the voters Timpson met in private with a local butcher and a baker, sadly there was no candlestick maker available so we had to settle for David Cameron the former Prime Minister instead. This would have been a perfect opportunity for Timpson to answer questions from hundreds of local parents regarding the national funding formula, the Tory plan to cut funding for schools. This was a big stage with local and national press covering the

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Crewe and Nantwich Labour Party candidate Laura Smith

Why I’m backing Laura Smith

Laura has my backing To lots of people a Labour Party member supporting Laura Smith, the Labour Party candidate may seem blindingly obvious. But this isn’t someone blindly supporting their own team. Laura has the qualities that people up and down the land are crying out for in an MP. She has lived in the area all her life, attended the local schools, colleges and university. She isn’t a political flunky parachuted into a safe seat by the party, she won over local members and earned the right to stand and represent you. She is a young mum of two

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general election vote

A General Election looms.

A simple choice In just over seven weeks time we all have a choice to make when we vote in the General Election. The choice is simple, more of the same, a Tory government pushing a failed austerity plan or a country led by Labour investing in people and the nation. The Tory narrative. They are going to tell people that Labour wrecked the economy, that simply is not true, casino style gambling in the banking sector brought the whole fiscal system to the brink. It was a global financial crisis, plain and simple. They will tell you that the rescued

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energy rip off

Tackling the energy rip off

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery In light of the announcement today by EDF to increase the price of gas and electricity Theresa May has quickly seen an opportunity to appeal to the masses and tackle the great energy rip off. An online article in the Daily Mail, May will announce plans to tackle ever increasing energy prices. A spokesperson for May said: We are concerned by the planned increases. We are committed to getting the best possible deal for households and expect energy companies to treat their customers fairly. Wherever markets are not working for consumers, this Government

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corbyn defending labour values

Corbyn, standing up for Labour values

Leading from the front Jeremy Corbyn lead from the front with his statement regarding the Ken Livingstone saga today. Corbyn should be applauded for his unequivocal condemnation of Livingstone and his comments, the statement was swift and decisive. Ken Livingstone’s comments have been grossly insensitive, and he has caused deep offence and hurt to the Jewish community. It is well known they are friends and political allies, this statement shows integrity and fairness and more importantly the support for due process. Since initiating the disciplinary process, I have not interfered with it and respect the independence of the party’s disciplinary

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Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn

In defence of Jeremy Corbyn

An interesting 48 hours Anyone with an interest in politics will not have missed the headlines regarding The Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn and Tom Watson.  Sadly they haven’t been good. I haven’t listened to the Lansman recording in full or all of the response from Tom Watson, why, becasue even I am tired of the infighting. I joined the party the day after the General Election in 2015, I expected debate, I like the idea of differing views, I never for one minute expected this. Time for some honesty I would be a hypocrite if I didn’t admit that I have

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