Patients left on trolleys in a corridor

Experiencing the NHS crisis is a sombering affair

The NHS is broken On Sunday I witnessed first hand the pressure the NHS and its staff are under. It was nothing short of shocking to see patients lined up on trolleys, left in corridors because there were either no beds or not enough staff to help. This is not an attack on the staff, they were fantastic, their dedication and professionalism is beyond reproach. They should not have to work in a system like this.  It’s unfair on them, it’s unfair on the patients.  The doctors, nurses and patients deserve better, the situation is a national disgrace. About a

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Hunt’s answer to the NHS Crisis, fiddle the numbers

As the fallout from the NHS crisis continues to deepen, the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has at last broken cover. In a series of interviews yesterday and during his appearance in the House of Commons, Hunt put forward his solution to tackling the ever worsening levels of patient care within the NHS. The solution was not what many people had hoped for, in fact it was nothing short of woeful. Unfortunately, Hunt’s answer to the problems facing the NHS is not more funding, it’s not to employ more doctors and nurses, no, his solution to the crisis is to abandon

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