theresa may

Theresa May used the latest terrorist attack to launch a policy

Enough is enough Those were the words Theresa May used earlier when she addressed the nation from the steps of Downing Street. We all expected a statement, it’s what a Prime Minister is required to do in times like this, sadly though, although not all that surprising, May crossed a line and used the attack as a platform to announce a new series of policies to tackle terrorism. Last night I posted this on Facebook: People trying to make political points out of the tragedy in London should be ashamed of themselves. To be honest, when I posted that I

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Debate the cuts to public services, don’t weaponise them like UKIP has

With Monday’s tragic events still at the forefront of everyone’s minds the debate has inevitably moved on, the focus rightly or wrongly now seems to be on police numbers and the cuts to public services. The graph below shows a clear drop in police officer numbers since 2010 a reduction of about 20,000. That headline number however doesn’t tell us the detail, what forces or which specialised units have lost staff since 2010. [visualizer id=”421″] Back in 2007 at the time of the London attacks police numbers were at 142,000. More police officers is no guarantee that what happened on Monday

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