theresa may

Theresa May used the latest terrorist attack to launch a policy

Enough is enough Those were the words Theresa May used earlier when she addressed the nation from the steps of Downing Street. We all expected a statement, it’s what a Prime Minister is required to do in times like this, sadly though, although not all that surprising, May crossed a line and used the attack as a platform to announce a new series of policies to tackle terrorism. Last night I posted this on Facebook: People trying to make political points out of the tragedy in London should be ashamed of themselves. To be honest, when I posted that I

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winter fuel payments

A winter of discontent

A tough winter ahead for the elderly The Tories have announced changes to the Winter Fuel Payment meaning some pensioners in the UK will no longer receive it. To make matters worse, there are no details of how this will work, just the headline announcement. According to figures from the Department for Work and Pensions 22,000 pensioners in Crewe and Nantwich claim the Winter Fuel Payment, just unser 30% of the people in the constituency. Thanks to this Tory announcement, roughly 1 in 3 pensioners face going to the ballot box not knowing what the future holds for them, money that

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Fox hunting

Tory priorities, let’s debate fox hunting.

Fox hunting should never be legalised again For lots of people in this country paying the bills and feeding your children is the number one day to day concern, fox hunting isn’t even a consideration. For the Tory government, you would think Brexit would be at the top of the list, apparently, there are other things that need to be discussed. Today, Theresa May has decided that fox hunting needs to be debated, she even went as far to say she is in favour of it. For anyone not aware of what fox hunting is, it is where a pack of

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energy rip off

Tackling the energy rip off

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery In light of the announcement today by EDF to increase the price of gas and electricity Theresa May has quickly seen an opportunity to appeal to the masses and tackle the great energy rip off. An online article in the Daily Mail, May will announce plans to tackle ever increasing energy prices. A spokesperson for May said: We are concerned by the planned increases. We are committed to getting the best possible deal for households and expect energy companies to treat their customers fairly. Wherever markets are not working for consumers, this Government

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Prime Minister Theresa May outside 10 Downing Street

A bad day for Theresa May

Not May’s Day They say bad things come in threes, today for Theresa May, that old adage came true with a vengeance.   Did she think when she started the day she would have to deal with the Brexit Secretary making it up as he goes, her Chancellor backtracking on his own budget and on top of all that the CPS looking into whether to charge Tory party members and staff with fraud. Brexit Shambles The day got of to a bad start for the Tories when Brexit Secretary, David Davis admitted that the Tories had no idea what the economic

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May’s Brexit deal, have cake and eat it

The big Brexit speech This week Theresa May announced her great Brexit plan to the nation. Her idea is a deal whereby the UK  gives the EU absolutely nothing in return for absolutely everything it asks for, a winning plan for sure. Without even starting the negotiations, May announced that she is prepared to give up access to the Single Market.  Before we have even sat around the negotiating table she told us that she is giving up free access to 500 million consumers, the biggest trading zone in the world, the EU. She also went on to say that part of the reason

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