winter fuel payments

A winter of discontent

A tough winter ahead for the elderly The Tories have announced changes to the Winter Fuel Payment meaning some pensioners in the UK will no longer receive it. To make matters worse, there are no details of how this will work, just the headline announcement. According to figures from the Department for Work and Pensions 22,000 pensioners in Crewe and Nantwich claim the Winter Fuel Payment, just unser 30% of the people in the constituency. Thanks to this Tory announcement, roughly 1 in 3 pensioners face going to the ballot box not knowing what the future holds for them, money that

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Fox hunting

Tory priorities, let’s debate fox hunting.

Fox hunting should never be legalised again For lots of people in this country paying the bills and feeding your children is the number one day to day concern, fox hunting isn’t even a consideration. For the Tory government, you would think Brexit would be at the top of the list, apparently, there are other things that need to be discussed. Today, Theresa May has decided that fox hunting needs to be debated, she even went as far to say she is in favour of it. For anyone not aware of what fox hunting is, it is where a pack of

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general election vote

A General Election looms.

A simple choice In just over seven weeks time we all have a choice to make when we vote in the General Election. The choice is simple, more of the same, a Tory government pushing a failed austerity plan or a country led by Labour investing in people and the nation. The Tory narrative. They are going to tell people that Labour wrecked the economy, that simply is not true, casino style gambling in the banking sector brought the whole fiscal system to the brink. It was a global financial crisis, plain and simple. They will tell you that the rescued

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The Tories, on the wrong track, again.

On track for privatisation? Amid all the debate about Brexit; yesterday the Tories quietly announced a plan which some consider to be a move towards privatisation of track operations and maintenance in the UK. Chris Grayling, the Transport Secretary said yesterday; I intend to start bringing back together the operation of track and train on our railways. That doesn’t sound so bad, does it?   As they say, the devil is in the detail, what is being proposed here is not bringing the rail franchises under the control of the track operator, Network Rail, but moving the responsibility for track operations and

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