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Theresa May used the latest terrorist attack to launch a policy

Enough is enough

Those were the words Theresa May used earlier when she addressed the nation from the steps of Downing Street.

We all expected a statement, it’s what a Prime Minister is required to do in times like this, sadly though, although not all that surprising, May crossed a line and used the attack as a platform to announce a new series of policies to tackle terrorism.

Last night I posted this on Facebook:

People trying to make political points out of the tragedy in London should be ashamed of themselves.

To be honest, when I posted that I didn’t have Theresa May in mind.

Terrorism shouldn’t be a political platform

A speech that should have been nothing more than praise for the emergency services and offers of support to the victims and their families very quickly turned into a platform for May to announce a series of polices to combat terrorism.

This was blatant electioneering, May has used the events last night to try and appear tough on terrorism to appeal to the nation before they vote on Thursday.

The four areas she highlighted are hardly new, the rhetoric however was vague and ambiguous, nothing more than a few soundbites woven together to appear tough on terrorism.

As the former Home Secretary and current Prime Minister, it has been her job since 2010 to keep the nation safe.

During her reign in both positions we have seen a reduction of 20,000 police officers in the UK.

The number of special constables and police community support officers (PCSOs) who patrol the streets have fallen by 7% and 11% respectively in the past year alone.

While there is no guarantee that had the numbers not been reduced these tragic events could have been avoided, it gives you an insight into how May, and the Tory party is prepared to gamble with people’s safety to pursue the Tory austerity ideology.

A time for reflection

We should now be focusing on helping the victims and their families and supporting those who were caught up in the terrible events of Saturday evening.

We should be thinking of the police officers who ran towards the attackers with no thoughts for their own safety, their only concern was protecting the public.

We should be thinking of the ambulance staff who ran to the aid of the victims, they had no idea what they were about to face.

We should be thinking of the members of the public who put themselves in harm’s way to protect others.

There is a time and a place to debate policy it should never have been in that speech.

Theresa May got it badly wrong this morning, another example of her poor judgement.

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